Shinweon's expertise comes from 17 years of working in the standard die components. We manufacture qualified Toss nitrogen gas spring for automotive industry. Also coil spring, oilless cam unit, guide bush and others are available.

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TOSS Nitrogen Gas Spring


Toss Gas Spring

1) TSS : A product that is designed to be economic with a
    change in the cartridge design user can select the stroke
    in a model 750 kgf ~5000 kgf.

2) TSM : Gas spring provide mm dimension to meet local  
     customer requirements .

     It offers full range stroke from 10 mm to 300 mm..

     This series can be used for small die and complex die       thank to designed by very compact. Also can provide to
     use good condition by assemble MOUNT .

     This series keeping long-life with Durability. Model
     shows from 150~5000.

3) TSL : Series are Standard of Gas Springs to the ISO 11901-1.
    It applies to gas spring of type 500Kgf to 10000 Kgf of pressurized with Nitrogen for use in press tools.
    It is correspondence with North ?America Automotive Standard. All stroke dimension is stated both mm and inch.

4) TSP : Xtra High Power Gas Spring
    TSP series are shortest & smallest model through all of TOSS gas springs, Developed for most powerful in a small      amount of space. TSP giving you high power even in small space, helping make your small die.

     TSP series are available with initial force from TSP 350 ~ TSP 9500 and stroke lengths between 10~20mm and
     125 mm according to model and C-groove, U-groove and bottom threaded holes can use various mounting

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