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Shinweon S&T is developing new press die components and standard die components with a variety of skills and expertise. Since 1990, we have supplied high-quality nitrogen gas spring including gas spring, automotive gas spring, door gas spring, n2 gas spring, toss gas spring, toss nitrogen gas spring, coil spring and die spring. Obtained ISO 9001 certificate and CE Mark, Shinweon S&T exports to world market including Japan and Europe. We also produce oilless cam units and guide bush.

 Our Products
Toss Nitrogen Gas Spring

TOSS Nitrogen Gas Spring


Gas spring provides mm dimension to meet local  customer requirements . It offers full range stroke from 10 mm to 300 mm.  

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Oilless Cam Unit

Oilless cam unit


1) Horizontal type
2) Slope type
3) Semi-size type
4) Roller Cam

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Coil Spring

Coil Spring


              AL(LIGHT LOAD)
              AM(MEDIUM LOAD)
              AH(HEAVY LOAD)
              AB(SUPER LOAD)

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Press Die Components

Press die components



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